Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best care by listening and providing a thorough complete examination. A referral if indicated: If we cannot help you, we will refer you out to someone else. Laboratory testing if indicated including: x-rays, blood work, and any advanced imaging MRI. After examination, results, treatment protocols, and patient expectations are discussed, care can be initiated. To treat conditions in the least amount of visits, we offer a complexity of UPDATED therapeutic approach for maximum benefit in the least amount of time. Never a rushed appointment: a comfortable atmosphere and treatment by a former Team Physician, National Olympic Lifting Champion, and Published Author with 20-plus years of clinical experience.

After a comprehensive thorough examination to identify the condition, and if a referral is not indicated, a treatment protocol is agreed to by you and Dr. Poletajev. A correct diagnosis and understanding of the condition to be treated is most important in a successful treatment outcome. Dr. Poletajev has spent 20-plus years taking the most up-to-date and current continuing education, holding five active state licenses and has been an Independent Medical Examiner, performing over 3000 Examinations, and is certified by four Independent Examining Boards including The Independent Board of Medical Examiners. Please visit www.jurispro.com/victorpoletajev for more information!

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